Strip Poker Tipps von den Playmates

Playmates sind wohl unter allen Frauen dieser Welt jene, gegen die jeder Pokerspieler einmal in seinem Leben Strippoker spielen möchte.

Tipp: Jetzt k̦nnen Sie das live erleben Рbeim Playboy Strip Poker Turnier!


Und jetzt geben die Playboy Mädels 10 konkrete Strip Poker Tipps für einen gelungenen Abend – Strippoker Regeln:

  1. The game should be quick. Any player caught stalling must remove a piece of clothing.
  2. Female players should outnumber the males. Try for at least two-to-one.
  3. Everyone playing should want to play. Everyone else should leave.
  4. Once the game has begun, no player can quit until it’s finished.
  5. Each piece of jewelry counts as one item. A pair of shoes counts as one item. The same goes for socks.
  6. In a showdown (i.e., when players reveal their cards), everyone with a losing hand must remove an article of clothing.
  7. If a hand ends without a showdown, the winning player designates another player to remove an article of clothing.
  8. Once a piece of clothing comes off, it stays off.
  9. Cheating is allowed but only by certain people (i.e., you).
  10. Don’t stress over the rules. They’re explicitly designed to break down at a certain point. When that time comes you’ll know.

Regel Nummer 2 sollte unbedingt eingehalten werden! 🙂

Viel Spaß!

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